I’m a thirty-something (you get no details, haha!) living in Orange County in southern CA. I’ve been married to an amazingly awesome man and we have two energy-filled boys. I’m pretty busy with taking care of the boys and with teaching at Biola University as an adjunct professor in the Journalism and Integrated Media department. Prior to teaching, I worked in the public relations industry for approximately 14 years. Hobbies include writing (hello, blog!), water skiing, anything active with my three guys and coffee (coffee can be a hobby, right?). My faith is very important to me and I credit God’s grace for giving me a sense of humor in adapting and living with one arm. I was born a below-the-elbow congenital amputee – which basically means I was born without my right forearm and hand, caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome. I wore prosthetic arms until I was 26 but ended up going cold turkey due to increased pain in the portion of my arm that was holding the prosthetic in place. I’ve learned so much about being a one-armed mommy, wife, person – and I know I have much more to learn. Second hand lilies – the name of my blog – was created with the idea of taking something beautiful (lilies, my favorite flower) and the idea of something being second-hand (pun intended as well) or feeling overused, together in the same thought , is kind of how I view God’s redeeming beauty in my life. I would love to pass along to others the notion that no matter how you’re feeling or how overwhelming things may seem, there is value and worth in you, in the journey and in what is to come.

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