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Month: September 2016

The Walk

Creative writing helps me heal: The Walk She was all alone. The cool mist lingered in the air and slowly danced around the trees along the wooded path. Just twilight, the sky was a hypnotic color of cool blues and light pinks, from a sunset just passed. Her bare feet tread lightly on the forest floor. She had been on this path before. She breathed in the sweet aroma of summer as it fades into the cinnamon fall. Deep breath in, deep breath out. She rounded the bend and came to the overlook. She sat down on the cool...

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A Tribute to Julianne

This is what I shared at Julianne’s memorial yesterday: My husband introduced me to Julianne about 10 years ago at a party. He and his family had been friends with Julianne and her family through their old church and he was happy that paths had crossed again. A few days after the party, he received a text saying she wanted my number. She called and that would be the start of a friendship that would propel us through 10 years, 5 kids, and tons of memories. To be friends with Julianne meant you needed a good night’s rest, an...

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