So sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. To be honest with you, the summer has kind of gotten away from me. It seems as though the weeks have gone by so fast.

I did start something that most of my friends have already discovered. When they told me about it, I thought I just didn’t have the time to invest in this new hobby. It seemed like too much work. Too much time. Too much thinking.

But then a friend told me that it was actually very therapeutic, and that caught me a bit. I started thinking to myself that I might actually need a little “therapy”.

Now before you start to think I’m going nuts, let me just let you know of some of the things I’m going though that might warrant a new little hobby:

My amazing husband, who through no fault of his own, was laid-off from his job a year and a half ago (due to out sourcing) and has been trying to land a full-time position ever since.

 My best friend has been battling cancer for almost three years, and the cancer is advancing.

These are things that we all face in the different journeys of our lives. I’m nothing unique there. And, like many, I find myself not having a lot of down time to think, process and deal. I pray and read the Bible for comfort and encouragement. And trust me – that is the best source for some “home therapy”. And we are ok. I’m ok. God had provided and we are going through this season with hope.

But when my friend mentioned that this particular hobby was a little therapeutic, I thought to myself:

Why not give it a try? Couldn’t hurt.

So, on a shopping trip to Target I picked one up. Took it home and set it on the dining table. I opened to the first page and just sat there.

Adult Coloring. Me with a blue pencil in my hand, looking at a page with millions of lines and spaces – just waiting to be colored in. Total imagination overload.

Just like the paint-by-numbers fun of our youth. Only, Adult Coloring doesn’t tell you which color to use in each section. It’s all up to you. Mind. Blown.

I almost didn’t know where to start. I almost didn’t know what the overall image actually was because all the black lines and spaces were so close together and so wiggly. So, I took my totally sharpened blue pencil and just started coloring.

Then I switched out for the green. Then for the purple. I needed to re-sharpen a few times.

About 20-minutes later, I had to get up and get back to life – but I paused and stepped back for a second to see the fruits of my coloring labor. And I was surprised to see that some of the black spaces and lines were starting to look like something. It was beautiful and was the beginning of a larger picture – one that I could make any color I wanted.

I smiled and went on with the rest of my day, looking forward to when I could grab a few minutes at the end of the day to add a little bit more to my emerging creation.

And, then I starting thinking about the imagery in Adult Coloring. Sure, it’s basically the second generation of a kids activity. But, I think for adults, it could all mean a bit more.

Think about it. There are times in life in which we can’t see how things could possibly work out. Things like my best friend going through the battle of her life or my husband trying to find that one great job. Right now, all is seems to be is a bunch of squiggly lines and spaces.

We can’t see the overall picture yet. We can’t see how things will turn out. In fact, we can’t possibly imagine what that picture even is.

But, just like with life, we start to dig in. Select a color and start drawing. After one section is done, you pick another color and start a new one. Until, eventually, you start to see.

All the sections and all the colors have combined to make something beautiful. Something unique and whole. Something I could not have seen at the beginning. Or even in the middle. When it’s all colored in brilliant blues and emerald greens – that’s when I can see that I needed to go through all those wiggly lines and spaces to be able to see the overall picture.

Yes, my underwater wonders of the deep fishy drawing was simply stunning.

And you know what? I did feel better. Aside from a sense of pride and satisfaction that I could still draw within the lines, I started to see that even though I couldn’t fully understand some of the things that are happening in this season of life, eventually the page would be complete. The picture colored. And, perhaps I’ll be able to see with a bit more clarity. Have a bit more wisdom.

Does that mean that Adult Coloring will solve all your problems? Make all the hard things in life turn a bright, happy color of pink? Or stop them from happening at all?

No. It just means that you can go through these hard times knowing that while God always sees the whole picture, we sometimes need to just go section by section. Color by color.

Just like my friend Dory says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” In this case, just keep coloring.

It will be beautiful.