Up through high school, my mom was my official hairdresser. Braids, pony’s, up do’s, curls – she was my go-to for everything locks. But then, I moved to Arizona for college.

Suddenly, I was 8 hours away from home and on my own for everything – including doing my hair. It took a lot of trial and error, lots of curling iron burns and lots of awkward looks when I would appear in class with my lopsided pony tail, wispys coming out all over the place.

Actually, the bunk beds in our dorm room became the epicenter of my hair-doing development. I learned that by gathering up my hair and placing it on the top bunk, I could then get a rubber band around everything and have it took pretty darn good.

So, things progressed from there and now, today, I’ll be showing you how I do my side braid – twist. Friends always ask how I get ‘r done but it’s hard to explain the madness behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy!