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Month: May 2016

This is How I Roll

All of the long-sleeved shirts hanging in my closet are rolled up on the right side. I roll all of my tops on the right side so that little arm doesn’t feel drowned. I’ve done it since I can remember. Well, my parents did the rolling when I was really little. Even my wet suit was custom made to be shorter on the right side. It’s just how I roll, both literally and figuratively. Rolling up my sleeve is a functional thing – as well as a little outward reminder for me, what you see is what you get....

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Saturday Morning

So a few Saturdays ago, my husband went to the Men’s Breakfast at church. He was only gone for about two hours – but what happened within those two hours at home, I just had to share. Disclaimer: No matter how conveniently made-up this all will sound, this is all, in fact, true. Jereme leaves for church – the rest of us are still in PJ’s. We have breakfast – well, the boys do. They’re on the kitchen counter (the dining table was too fancy) eating yogurt. I’m cleaning up the yogurt they keep spilling while making a cup...

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