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Month: March 2016

When a Perfectionist Has Kids – a 10-Step Guide for Your Sanity

I’m a perfectionist. A classic case, really. Anyone who knows me will agree. I like to be in control, have it all figured out, have a system, keep things cleaned and organized. I also have high expectations, and because of that – I place high expectations on myself. Trust me, I know this isn’t healthy and I’ve been working on it all (making sure I handle my perfectionism perfectly). Then I had kids. And, guess what? I’m still a perfectionist. But, these days, I’m more like a worn down shell of a perfectionist, clawing and scraping to try and...

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When Your Best Friend Has Cancer

My doctor just called. It’s cancer. It’s bad My best friend’s voice was shaking. She was crying and in shock over the news she just received. Her world was crashing in and she was calling to let me know. That phone call would be the beginning of a cancer journey that would take her into the depths of the deepest valleys. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, side effects, hospitals. I’ve learned that cancer takes you on the spin cycle – diagnosis, treatment, period of waiting, remission. And then, re-occurrence, more surgery, chemo, complications. She is the strongest woman I know. Enduring...

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