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Month: February 2016

Jewelry Support

When I was younger, I was afraid. Afraid I would never get married. Oh sure, there were tons of other things I was afraid of as well. But, as I exited my late teens and entered my early 20’s, I was really struggling with one simple truth: would any man want to be with a one-armed girl? I’d felt the glances and dealt with the questions for years and after a while, started to think that maybe I was just too different, that my life was just a little too unique, for someone to want to share it all...

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Something amazing happened when we were going through our asbestos nightmare. Something unexpected. Something we didn’t realize we needed until it was happening. Help. Community. Support. Love. Unlike we’d ever experienced before. I was a little uneasy about posting our situation on Facebook – you know the whole stigma about sharing too much, or too little, or only the great things, or only the bad things. But I really felt like I needed to be vulnerable and so I decided to share. I was nervous – but the need for help – for people to know – was too...

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The Call

I’m sorry Mrs. Sinclair, but it’s unsafe for your family to be in the house. I recommend you leave – tonight. That was the phone call I received on a late Friday afternoon. Jereme was picking up pizza on the way home from work that night and we were going to have a fun family night in the new house. But then my world suddenly stopped – like a freeze-frame moment in a movie. I could hear my heart beating in my chest as I tried to process what was going on (when you’re post-partum, processing anything is almost...

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