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Month: July 2013

A Day of Firsts

A day of firsts. The first time my son was pushed down by another little boy and the first time my little guy threw a temper tantrum in a restaurant. And I’m still in hiding. What a terrible feeling it was, to watch my little 16 month old get shoved to the ground by a smug older boy. Right in front of me. He looked up at me, wondering what was going on. Luckily, he didn’t cry or want to retaliate and we recovered (after I told the older boy that we don’t push people down) and quickly went back...

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My baby is not a baby anymore. I guess technically, he’s a toddler now. Almost 16 months old.  I don’t know how it happened or when it happened – but he’s growing up. It just kinda crept up on me. Oh look, he’s added a few more words in his vocabulary. Oh wow, he can climb up the stairs big-boy style on his own. But the kicker for me was when I offered him an apple and he shook his head no at me. Wow, did we just have a conversation? Did I just offer you an apple and...

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The Little Guy waves to everyone he passes by. To everyone he sees within a three mile radius. Adults, kids (especially the ladies), babies – he even waves to other drivers from his car seat. And, it’s interesting to see what happens. Sometimes people wave back. Sometimes their concentration breaks, as if they were pondering the meaning of the universe and suddenly were interrupted back into life. Those folks usually wave and smile as they enter back into the day to day. Other people seem surprised that a little boy would seek them out and wave a little hello,...

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