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Month: June 2013

Rising Up

Several years ago, a man was walking past me, noticed my arm and said, “That sucks.” That wasn’t uncommon. Sometimes I would have well-meaning people come up to me and tell me how sorry they were about…me I guess. One look and they thought all was lost, my life would be just sub-par, poor thing. On the rare occasions they would want a response from me, I was quick to tell them that I wasn’t sad or missing out on anything. I could trick ski, dance on point, rock climb…could any of them do that? Without much to say...

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I’m an only child and I have a sister. She’s known me my entire life but we’ve never lived together. Our dads met and became lifelong friends when they were eight. They grew up together, got in trouble together, started families and now are enjoying friendship in the “sunnier” side of life together. He had an only daughter. My dad had an only daughter. And us daughters have likewise shared life together. Waterskiing, playing in the summer sun wearing matching polka dot bathing suits, eating watermelon off the back of the boat while trying to push each other into...

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Monkey Bars

There are a lot of things I can do. I can put on my clothes, brush my teeth, do my hair (sometimes) and get myself ready to go. All with one arm. But there is one thing I have not figured out how to do by myself. Sure, doing my hair was super challenging but I figured out a secret in college that made all the difference – laying my hair up on the top bunk and gathering  it together from there to make a pony tail. Maybe there was less pony and more tail, but it worked. But...

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