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Month: May 2013


I said no and the little guy didn’t like that one bit. Then, the pouty lip appeared and the wail of discontent. And, there they were, the huge teardrops. And he cried for a bit – just long enough to make me feel horrible – then sniffed his nose, and off he went. But I’ve been thinking about those teardrops. For the little guy, crying and any sub-form of crying (the rainbow connection of tears, if you will) is one of his main ways of communicating. Right now. Hopefully, as he grows, he’ll be able to verbalize his emotions....

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I’m with You

The little guy’s new word/phrase is “Ido”. Meaning, whatever the task, he can do it by himself. It doesn’t matter what it is: going up or down the stairs, eating, drinking, combing his hair, brushing his teeth, playing. Ido, Ido, Ido!! Already, at almost 14 months, he’s learned independence. And the kicker of it all is when he’s done doing whatever he did, he claps his hands in humble praise of himself. I love it. I love that he wants to figure things out. Problem solve. And, I love that he knows he’s done good and claps at the...

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Keep Driving

It happened in the blink of an eye. I was driving and saw something like a bird flying in the air, I wondered what it was and then it happened. I don’t remember gripping the wheel and keeping it straight. I don’t remember putting my head down and arching my shoulders to the left. I didn’t hear the noise of shattering glass. I do remember looking back up, getting off the freeway (I was in the carpool lane) and putting the car in park. And, then the shaking started. And, in my seat looking straight out at the windshield,...

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I was walking out of the store the other day. The diaper bag was draped across my shoulder, I was carrying two bags in little arm and big arm was clutching the little guy. He was actually doing all the work, his hands grasped firm and clenched around my neck. His shoes were digging into my side for extra stabilization. “Do you need any help, miss?” “Nah, I got it, thanks!” Really? Really? Aside from being ridden like a horse by my son and carrying a ton of bags like a mule, did I really think I didn’t need any help?...

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