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Month: March 2013

Going Bananas

Here’s the inner thought process of my almost 12-month-old at lunchtime: “I’m starving! Where is the food? Like seriously, it must have been 14 hours since you last fed me! Really, it’s just been three? I don’t buy it. I’m so hungry I could eat my high chair. What is this, a baby embargo?? Finally! Ah, the sweet taste of God’s nectar: squashed squash. Yuuummm. But don’t feed me! I can feed myself! No wait, don’t stop feeding me, I’m hungry. No, don’t feed me, you do it funny. I’m conflicted. Ah the grapes. I love it when she...

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Stepping Out

The other day I had an event to go to. I wore a dress, my hair was actually styled and here’s the kicker…I put on some makeup. I know, it was unreal. Now, don’t get me wrong – when I go to work, I definitely make the effort. But this was an event. That I was invited to.  A lovely baby shower for a dear friend and I had a wonderful time. And I was out. On the weekend. And the wee one was with daddy. It was marvelous. And what sealed the deal was the fact that my...

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When mommies get together, sometimes something happens. “Little Johnny is walking and talking and painting and filling out his application for Stanford. What’s your little one doing?” And the kids are 6 months old. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But only a little. There are those times when we feel like our babies are falling behind. Not developing fast enough. Not hitting milestones in the appropriate time frame. And we usually feel that way because some comment was made. Or a look was…looked. Then, the self-doubting happens. Are we doing enough? Trying hard enough? Being the best...

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