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Month: February 2013

Shopping Cart Moments

I was at Costco the other day when a toddler noticed my physical appearance. I was loading a huge box of diapers into my cart and he noticed I was hauling with one arm. Once they notice, then I notice what happens next. He franticly whisper-yells to his mom. Then there’s some more hurried whispering and shuffling and before long I see that mom is next to me grabbing her diapers and the little boy is sitting in the cart. On the other side of the isle and down a few rows. Looking at me. I could tell the...

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Super Mom

You all know about Super Mom. She’s the always put together representation of perfect parenting. Dinner always in the oven (with the rest of the week planned out), house always clean, baby always in control (and fed and wearing clothes). She always seems so calm and happy. She always looks her best. Running errands, maybe even putting some time at the office; she’s the poster image of what mothering and wifing (?) should be. But here’s the rub; Super Mom doesn’t exist. She’s a fable. Myth. A figment of our imagination – the part of us that wants to...

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Dried Fruit

My husband looked at me, smiled and said, “Hon, you have dried apricot on your neck.” It probably got there just minutes before when my son decided he wanted to play with the food in his mouth. Sometimes it’s much more fun to see what sprays out of our mouths than actually eat, I get that. Just the other day I thought to myself that just chewing and swallowing was so yesterday. And, inevitably, I missed my neck when I cleaned up apricot from the high chair, the tray, the refrigerator, the microwave, the floor and the dear little...

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In and Out

I was thinking the other day about how out of shape I was in. Out of shape but in love with the Starbucks highly caffeinated white chocolate mocha. I’m out of breath from running up and down the stairs each time I look over at the baby cam and see the Little Guy gnawing on his crib corn on the cob style. And, I’m in denial that he has me wrapped around his little finger. I’m always out of gas, in the long line at the grocery store and out of time to blow dry my hair so it’s...

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