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Month: January 2013

Getting Gas

When I was younger, going to the gas station and filling up had been quite the challenge. Getting all the logistics of operating the pump with one hand was tough but after a while, it became old hat. But, there was one element of getting gas that I had never even attempted. It just seemed too crazy, too complicated and too humiliating should I flounder. The whole “getting gas on the opposite side of the car as your tank” fiasco. You know what I’m talking about – you pull in with the pump on your left but your tank...

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The Dancer

I was a dancer when I was younger.  Full on with the costumes, recitals, competitions and endless classes. I enjoyed it and was pretty good. The only thing about dance that was hard (besides stretching enough to be able to do the splits) was the mirror. Not just a bathroom mirror where you brush your teeth and put on your makeup. I’m talking about full length, top to bottom, one whole side of the building mirror. We could see entire room we were dancing in. And I could see me. All the time. At every angle. I could see...

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Seven Months

I’m watching my son sleep in his swing via baby cam. He’s in the swing because he screamed too convincingly in his crib and I caved. I caved like a pregnant lady caves for a snickers bar at 3pm (What? I was hungry and it was there. What more is there?) I’ve been doing pretty good at letting the baby cry it out at night and he’s been doing pretty good at falling asleep without much crying. Except for today. This afternoon…hence the swing. As I watch him rock back and forth, my head starts to droop and I’m...

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Second Hand Lilies

I was born a congenital below the elbow amputee. That’s a mouthful. But basically, an amniotic band wrapped around my arm when I was developing in the womb, cutting off circulation to my lower arm and hand, causing them to never actually form. No one knew until I was born. Now I’m married and have a six-month old son. And I still have one arm. When I was growing up I was learning how to tie my shoes and do my hair and drive and find self- esteem. Now, I’m learning how to stay awake for days on end,...

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